My Story

I have always been passionate about travel, but what made me obsessed with travel planning is kind of a funny story. My husband and I were taking a trip to Hawaii with another couple (friends we met while on vacation in Alaska) and they are both very busy professionals. So when it came time to decide what we would do on our trip it was left to me. My friend said she did not really care what we did as long as everything was not planned out to the last detail. She wanted a laid back trip with time to sit on a beach. 

So I thought it would be funny to do up a detailed itinerary. Then I got to work and found some fun stuff for us to do, where to eat and certainly left time for sitting on the beach. Once we got on the plane I handed her a spiral bound folder with an itinerary with times and maps and restaurants down to a nauseating detail.

On the face of it the folder looked daunting, but once you took a closer look it really just had a few things to do in a day and mostly free time to play it by ear. Not really needless to say, we all had a great time and we still talk of some of our adventures, one of them included an inner tube incident and a wild boar impersonator that still has us laughing 10 years later. 

That trip kind of turned me into a travel planning monster. I have made some travel mistakes and have learned from them. These lessons have sharpened my skills and my obsession. I believe myself to be great at planning a memorable vacation with lots of fun and learning about different cultures. At the end of our trips, my husband always tells me “thank for planning such a wonderful trip”.