What to expect:

I will provide you with a customized itinerary suited to your preferences, must see sites and activities. You can expect your schedule to be maximized while still having plenty of down time to sit and relax with a good book or nice bottle of wine and soak up the surrounding culture.

I will also give you tips on what not to do, concerns, areas to avoid and tipping expectations.

Expect some information on regional cuisine, must try dishes and specialties of the town.  Travelling to another country is a great opportunity to get out of your food comfort zone and be surprised.

You will also be provided a list of accommodations that meet your specific idea of ideal accommodations within your budget.  With links to book easily, in some cases I will be able to book your accommodations for you.

I will provide you with maps, train/bus schedules to take the stress out of foreign travel. I will also provide you with hints on how to skip long lines and the best times to visit attractions. I will also find the ideal tours and guides to meet your needs.

My basic fee is $25 per day of itinerary.

Sample itineraries: